Classroom News: Yay Ms. Hustad

To: Principal and Administrators at Horizon Science Academy-Denison

From:  (212-239-3615)

RE: Ms. Hustad got funding for her classroom

Give Ms. Hustad a high five! Ms. Hustad recently earned funding at for a classroom project call “Flexible Seating for Charter School Students”.  A list of your donors is at the bottom of this fax:

The resources for this project will arrive soon, and we hope you’ll ensure they promptly reach Ms. Hustad’s classroom.

  1. Kids Kore Wobble Chair 14” – Red quantity 1, $59.49 each
  2. Kids Kore Wobble Chair 14” – Blue quantity 1, $59.49 each

Please tell your front office to expect delivery of any materials within the next few weeks and ask them to inform Ms. Hustan when packages arrive.

If Ms. Hustad is no longer teaching at your school, or if there is another reason this donation should not be made, please contact us immediately at  Save this notice if you need documentation of grants received. is a free nonprofit website where teachers at you school can receive funding for student resources. All we ask teachers to provide in return is a “thank-you package” for their donors.  For information about control or use of resources funded through our site, visit

Thank you for fostering an environment where teachers go above and beyond for their student:

The Teah.

P.S. Ms Hustad inspired donations from:

Hathy Lamar

Katie Hustad (Ohio)

Alyssa Rohde (Wisconsin)

Tom’s of Maine Tom’s of Maine (Kennebunk, ME) *has given to your school 3+ times!

Horace Mann Horace Mann (Springfield, IL)

See why these donors gave at

134 West 37th Street 11th Floor    New York, NY 10018                                         212-239-3615