Welcome to Horizon Science Academy
As a prosperous student, you can find plenty of information on our web site. Please go through the links and decide yourself whether you want to be a part of Horizon Family.
Here at Horizon, staff is dedicated to provide best education for the students. School administration doesn’t hesitate to invest money on latest technology and educational tools.
All staff members contribute to Horizon Science Academy’s friendly, inviting environment. We set the tone through our actions and attitudes. We will demonstrate our continuous support and encouragement of students in four important ways:
    • We will teach students expected behaviors in all school environments by relating student actions to our guidelines for student success. We will encourage students to be responsible, to be respectful of others, to be cooperative, and to be hard working.
    • We will provide positive feedback to students when they are meeting expectations and following the guidelines for student success.
    • We will view misbehaviors as teaching opportunities and respond calmly and consistently with corrections or consequences.
    • We will work collaboratively to solve behavior problems that are chronic or severe in nature.

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