Grade           Percentage             GPA / POINTS

A+                          98-100                                    4.00

A                             93-97                                     4.00

A-                            90-92                                     3.67

B+                           87-89                                     3.33

B                             83-86                                     3.00

B-                            80-82                                     2.67

C+                           77-79                                     2.33

C                             73-76                                     2.00

C-                            70-72                                     1.67

D+                           67-69                                     1.33

D                             64-66                                     1.00

D-                            60-62                                     0.67

F                           below 60                                  0.00


Students will be listed on the Honor Roll by attaining a 3.50 or higher GPA per grading period. Attaining 3.00 or higher (but less than 3.50) GPA per grading period will list the student on the Merit Roll. Students with a 4.00 GPA will be listed on the Super Honor Roll.


Grades K to 2: A student’s promotion status is determined by the following measures:

• Academic Performance: Academic performance is determined by the students ability to meet the required standards for their specific grade level. Students who are determined to NOT meet those requirements based on the academic teams decision will be retained. The team members are formed of school administrators, classroom teachers and special education teachers if needed.

• Attendance Record: See the attendance policy in this Handbook.

Grades 3 to 5: A student’s promotion status is determined by the following measures:

1. Students must have the passing grades in all four of the following core subjects:

1. Language Arts 2. Mathematics 3. Social Studies 4. Science

AND half of the following courses when taken: Computer, Physical Education,

Music, and Character Education (if offered)


Grade cards are issued and mailed home each 9 weeks while the Interim Report Cards are mailed midway through each grading period.

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