1) How is transportation provided for a Horizon Science Academy Denison Elementary?

HSADE does not provide transportation. Parents can apply for reimbursement. Please contact the school for more information in regards to this.

2) Does Horizon Science Academy Denison Elementary teach mostly science? 
While there is an emphasis on Math and Science, HSA teaches all courses that would be offered in a Public School.

3) Is HSADE accredited?

4) Will credits transfer to CPS or other school districts? 

5) Are uniforms mandatory? 
Yes, HSADE has a mandatory uniform code that is enforced.

6) How much is tuition? 
HSADE is tuition free.

7) Is tutoring available? 
Yes, tutoring is available for two hours after school provided by our dedicated staff. Students need to sign up according to the tutoring schedules of the teachers. The parents of the students who stay for after school tutoring or activity must pick up their children promptly.

8) Are there any after school activities/clubs/sports? 
Yes, there are various clubs available for students: Chess, Game Club, Art and craft, recycling, geography, choir, Science & Technology, Soccer, etc.

HSADE is a member of Ohio High School Athletic Association and offers basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, etc. Please contact our athletic director, Mr. Dangelo for more information.

9) How is HSADE governed and financed? 
HSADE a not-for-profit organization that has its own Board of Directors. HSADE is funded by the State of Ohio. There is additional federal and state funding available to charter schools too. Besides such funding, HSADE seeks federal and private grants and receive individual donations, which is tax deductible.

10) Is there hot lunch at HSADE? 
Yes, there are hot lunch and breakfast program at HSA. Eligible students get free or reduced lunches. All parents are required to fill out an application from regardless of their income and Ohio State of Board of Education determines their eligibility.

11) Will the teachers be certified teachers? 
By Ohio Charter School Law Charter school teachers are required to be certified or meet all of the following criteria:
• Have a Baccalaureate degree in subject they teach
• Five years of experience in the field
• Professional development participation

12) Is shadowing possible at HSADE? 
Shadowing is possible at HSADE. Prospective students can spend a whole day at HSA meeting students, teachers, and experiencing the school structure. Please contact school for more information and set up a day for you and your child.

13) What are the school hours at HSADE? 
School hours are from 7:40 a.m. to 3:05 pm. However, there are activities for students between 3:20 and 3:45

14) Do students pay any fee at HSADE? 
Yes they do. There is a $25.00 non-consumable material fee for 2016-2017 school year. This fee is due upon acceptance.

15) Does HSADE have a management organization? 
HSADE partners with Concept Schools, Inc. which provides instructional and strategic support to HSADE. Concept Schools has charter schools in Ohio and Illinois that are very successful. HSA has been modeled after these schools in Ohio.

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