Gateway Science Academy is partnering with the University of Missouri in St Louis, Lindenwood University, Saint Louis University, and Saint Louis Community College to offer advanced college credit courses to the eligible GSA students at no cost. GSA students will have the opportunity to earn college and high school credits at the same time.

According to a recent study by ACT College Success Research Consortium, compared to students with no dual credit, students entering college with dual credit are generally:

  • More likely to be successful in college, including completing a bachelor’s degree in a more timely manner
  • As likely to earn a grade of B or higher in subsequent courses taken in college

Moreover, among dual-credit students:

  • Those entering college with a greater number of dual-credit hours are more likely to progress toward a degree and complete a bachelor’s degree in a timely manner, and they do so without accumulating a substantially greater number of credit hours by graduation.
  • Their chances of college success do not differ between those who take most of their dual-credit coursework through a two-year institution and those who take most through a four-year institution.

Gateway Science Academy is so proud to offer advanced course options to GSA students!!

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