Advanced Placement (AP): AP is a program in which high school students may complete college-level studies while they are still in secondary school. These are challenging courses which require more work, give greater opportunity for individual progress and accomplishments, and go into greater depth than the comparable high school course. The student must be willing to devote more time to the research of facts and the techniques of writing. Each year in May, sophomore, junior, and senior students may take the Advanced Placement Examinations. Each examination is approximately three hours in length. Final grades, based on the student’s entire examination of free response and multiple choice questions, are reported on a five-point scale: 5=extremely qualified 4=well-qualified 3=qualified 2=possibly qualified 1=no recommendation Participating colleges may honor grades and grant credit for a 3 or higher. The examination fee is the responsibility of the student and is nonrefundable. The GSA will not offer Advanced Placement exams for courses that are not taught in the regular curriculum at the high school.